If you happen to live in a swampy area or have a back yard that tends to retain water instead of draining it out, and especially it that is combined with a good mix of sun and shade in warmer weather, then you know the dilemma all too well. It would be great to be outside in your yard, but the mosquitoes are absolutely killer – especially during sunrise and sunset times.

The problem is that pretty much anywhere water pools up and does not drain out, mosquitoes are hatched and born by the hundreds of thousands, and they all have the same goal in mind – bite you and suck your blood!

One very common overlooked area of high intensity mosquito production is in your gutters. Usually there’s a tendency to think they are just bred in pools of water standing on the ground, but actually they will breed on moist organic material such as leaves and certainly also in pools of water above ground. The most common is  standing water in you gutter which is sitting there because leaves are clogging it and therefore the water has nowhere to go.

GutterStuff gutter guard foam filters are automatic gutter cleaners that allow water to flow freely through your gutter, keeping it clean and dry. Since no debris of any reasonable size can make it past GutterStuff, there is nothing in the way of the water trying to flow out, and therefore there are no residual pools of water in your gutters that mosquitoes can breed in.

In some more extreme cases, you could have a really significant drop in mosquito activity as a result of installing GutterStuff foam filters in your gutters.

For the best possible gutter protection, choose GutterStuff PRO FR with a lifetime warranty today!

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