People often think that rain gutters have to be on their homes but are never sure why. Rain rolling off of your roof—especially a second story roof—can really punish the ground below. If there are several rounds of steady rains, this rainwater can carve a small trench on the sides of you home. Rain gutters divert this water away and release it slowly in designated areas of your yard so that this water can be properly drained away. Without rain gutters, yards can flood, erode very quickly from the massive amounts of runoff, and other things if you didn’t have gutters.

Rain Gutter Problems & Gutter Repair
Now that you understand why these seemingly unnecessary items are necessary to the health of your lawn, you need to know the typical problems with rain gutters.

There are two main problems that happen with your gutters. There are actually several minor things that can happen such as rusting of metal gutters, poor installation, etc., but these two capture most of the problems that occur.

Rain Gutter Cleaning—Fall is the big time with gutters cleaning. The leaves start falling, twigs come down with them, and even birds and rodents die in there. This clogs the draining, and the water begins to pile up. Routine rain gutter cleaning can ensure that your water is always free flowing through your rain gutters and downspouts. If water is allowed to stand, it can pull your guttering and your eaves down. This repair is about 100 times more expensive than having your gutters cleaned.

If you need your that your rain gutters need some maintenance, click this link to clean rain gutters.

Rain Gutter Settling—If your rain gutters have become clogged and that extra weight of water has been allowed to inch your gutters down, even if you’ve had them cleaned, they may not drain properly anymore. Gutters are attached at a very slight slant so that the rainwater will drain one direction or another. If this slope is evened out for one reason or another, water will sit in your guttering, pile up, and then pull your rain gutters down.

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